STEaM Lika – education to sustainable development

The Croatian Sustainable Development Strategy emphasizes the importance of STEM based education curricula, to prepare children for occupations of the 21st century. In accordance with the Strategy, and with the intention to access education in modern, rational and purposeful manner, the ZIR Association has created the project to organize the field teaching program for lower primary school grades: “STEaM Lika – education to sustainable development”.

The workshops that include activities aimed at both children (180 school children) and 20 teachers will be developed in the project. Children will be exposed to contemporary themes and methods of scientific education, while the importance of extra-curricular teaching will be demonstrated to teachers. In accordance with the Regional Development Strategy, of the Lika-Senj County, we intend to help developing infrastructure of the Kruškovac-Zir site that provides natural capacities for the development of the future field of field teaching due to its bio(geo)diversity.

The project is funded by the Swiss-Croatian program of cooperation.